Clinic / Pharmacy Management System is a web-based solution that helps clinics to streamline there clinic and pharmacy / Stock management efficiently resulting in higher efficiencies and faster patient turnaround time. This web application supports cloud and can access it from any device for its stunning UI and Functionality . The Clinical Management System is intended for the complete streamlining of the clinic and business operations, a one system solution for delivering optimal patient treatment flow and complete documentation of the treatment outcomes.

Features :-

  • Patient Registration
  • Patient EMR
  • Patient Report

Main Features ...!!

Features :- Responsive UI, Support any type of Databases, Easy Export / Import of Data, Very Simple to Install / No Configurations Required, Easy to Manage.

Functionality / Modules :- Patient Registration, Patient EMR, Patient History Management, Patient Report Generation / Export to CSV/PDF Ect. Patient Billing History, Patient Due Management, Patient Pathology Payments, Patient Pharmacy Management, Stock Management, Stock Addition / New Stock analysis, Medicine Audit, Pharmacy Stock usage Analysis, Pharmacy Patient Distribution Analysis, Pathology Due Management, Pathology Agents Mangement, Pathology Share Calculation.

Expense Management, Refund Management, Clinic Analysis, Revisit Patient Management, Overview Patient Department, Search Patient By date, View Under Stock Medicines, Pharmacy Bill Management, Lab Tests Expenses Management.

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