Hospital Management System Software with Website. It has 40+ Features what you need to manage Hospital. Here has Insurance, Modern Billing System and SMS Gateway also. It is developed by Codeigniter Framework.

Features :-

  • Appointment System
  • Add Doctor , Doctor list And Doctor Portfolio
  • Appointment System
  • Add Appointment
  • Prescription Add Patient

Main Features ...!!

1. Appointment System 2. Add Doctor , Doctor list And Doctor Portfolio 3. Appointment SystemAdd AppointmentAppointment ListAssign By MeAssign By Doctor 4. PrescriptionAdd Patient Case StudyAdd Patient Case ListAdd PrescriptionPrescription List 5. DepartmentAdd DepartmentDepartment List.

6. ScheduleAdd Time slotAdd ScheduleSchedule List 7. Billing ServiceAdd Patient AdmissionPatient Admission ListAdd Advance PaymentAdd billAdd Payment ListBill List 8. Account System 9. Bad Booking System10. Mail system 11. Alarm and Notification.

12. SMS gateway integration 13. Payment gateway Integration. Other Features :- Complete Hospital Management Solution Prescription Management System Doctor management SYstem Insureance Management SYstem Billing Management System Role Based Permission Setup System Multiple EMail and SMS gateway added Human Resource System Full Accoounting System.

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